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Way Oils

Rockway Oils: These products are designed for use on slides and ways, as well as for general lubrication of bearings and gearboxes. They also find use as metalworking oils in certain applications. Rockway 68-S and Rockway 220-S have Cincinnati Milacron P-47 and P-50 approvals and Bijur approval.

Ultra Waylubes: Ultra Waylube 32, 68, 100 and 220 are unique products possessing excellent friction modifying properties and load carrying ability and are approved by Cincinnati Milacron Specifications. The additive system also allows excellent demulsibility when mixed with a wide variety of soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants. This separation allows tramp oil skimmers to operate at peak efficiency that further reduces a source of nutrients for bacteria.

Dual Purpose Waylubes: These Products are designed for use on slides and ways, as well as for non-critical hydraulic applications, general lubrication of bearings and non-shock-loaded gears. The additive package allows these oils to be used where hydraulic or circulating oils will also lubricate slides and ways.

Hydraulic Oils

Trojan Series Hydraulic Fluids:b> The Trojan Series hydraulic fluids represent our top of the line, premium grade and fully supported hydraulic fluids. This series includes anti-wear oils both zinc and non-zinc containing products, rust and oxidation inhibited turbine oils, all season anti-wear oils, biodegradable fluids and non-staining hydraulic fluids made specifically for use in aluminum rolling operations.

PTO Series Hydraulic Fluids:b> The PTO line of hydraulic fluids exhibits the same premium qualities as the Trojan series but is generally not supported by our fluid monitoring program. The PTO Series consists of anti-wear oils as well as rust and oxidation inhibited turbine oils.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids: We produce numerous grades and types of fire resistant hydraulic fluids. We have both regular and high pressure water glycol fluids; WG 200 & WG5046HP. We also manufacture a number of phosphate ester and polyol ester types of FR fluids in various viscosity grades.

Special Use Hydraulic Fluids: We manufacture numerous other types of hydraulic fluids including Universal Snow Plow Oil and S-924 Universal Shock Oil.

Available Sizes: 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, Totes & Bulk

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