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Quench Oils

Industrial Fluid Systems distributes a full line of world class quench oils, designed to work in a variety of quenching operations to impart those properties most desired in modern quenching oils. The quench oils’ unique additive packages lead to long life, clean parts, and allow parts to be easily cleaned using alkaline or solvent cleaners.

Very Fast Quench Oils

  • Q1080F Very Fast – A very fast quench oil, designed to impart maximum hardness values to low carbon and low alloy steels. The low viscosity of this oil allows uniform hardening of irregular shaped parts, or parts packed in baskets.

Fast Quench Oils

  • Q1070 – A fast quench oil designed to impart hardness values to low carbon – low alloy steels, while giving long life and clean parts. The low viscosity of this product ensures uniform part hardness and reduces drag-out.
  • Q1080 – A fast quench oil, Q1080 is an economical alternative to the more oxidative stable Q1070.
  • Q1075 – A premium light colored oil. New generation additives are used that yield long life, clean parts, and desirable cooling rates. Its low viscosity yields uniform part hardness and results in minimal drag-out.
  • Q20 – A premium fast quench low viscosity oil. The additives used in formulation have been found to result in long life, clean parts and desired cooling rates. Q20 is easily cleaned with alkaline cleaners.
  • Q40 – compounded from premium base oils for use at high temperatures while still giving moderately fast quench rates. The high flash point makes this product attractive for use up to 300F.

  • Q25AO – Light in color, this slower quench oil is highly stable throughout the hardening temperature range. It provides superior service where a moderate rate of quench is desired with minimum distortion.
  • RVQ 600 – A premium quality oil formulated for use at high temperatures. The high flash point makes this product attractive for use between 300 and 350F.

Cutting Oils

Rockcut 108 Vanishing Oil: Rockcut 108 Vanishing Oil is a true vanishing oil in that any film left behind is imperceptible. It has very low odor which translates to excellent worker acceptance. There are other products in the Rockcut 108 family that have slightly different drying and flash point characteristics to suit every vanishing oil application.

Rockcut 4000 Series Multipurpose Cutting and Lubricating Oils: The Rockcut 4000 Series products are designed for use where the machine tool manufacturer recommends the use of multi-purpose products for lubrication of gears, hydraulics, and metalworking coolants. The most common applications include automatic bar machines systems and chuckers. The entire Rockcut 4000 Series can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals without staining.

Rockcut 262 Cutting Oil Series: The Rockcut 262 Series is chlorine free and is available in both active and inactive sulfur containing products to ensure excellent performance in applications such as turning, milling, drilling, reaming, boring, threading, tapping and cold heading. The Rockcut 262 Series of products have demonstrated increased tool life and productivity by at least 35% while reducing scrap and downtime.

Rockcut 406 Cutting Oil: Rockcut 406 is a chlorine free, active sulfur containing cutting oil designed to be used on difficult to machine metals such as aircraft grade stainless steels, inconel and other nickel alloys. Rockcut 406 is very economical in comparison to equivalent performing products.

Rockcut 525 Biodegradable Cutting Oil: Rockcut 525 is a vegetable oil based product that provides excellent machining characteristics due to its inherent lubricity. The Rockcut 525 is available in both active and inactive sulfur containing products and can be used for many machining operations. Rockcut 525 also possesses a very high smoke point which assists in providing a cleaner work environment. Potential users should check with their machine tool builders to make sure the materials of construction will not be degraded by vegetable oils.

Available Sizes: 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, Totes & Bulk

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