Our Industrial Fluid and Oil Purification Equipment

The Best in Engineered Solutions

  • When consistent fluid concentration is key, automatic mixing systems can provide significant savings by reducing labor and chemical usage. For companies purchasing pre-mixed fluids the chemical cost savings can be dramatic. Equipment available for batch or continuous mixing.

  • When water contamination in your lubrication and hydraulic fluids becomes a problem, the down time and machine damage can be very expensive. Our Ultra-Vac line of vacuum dehydrators removes free particulate contaminates as well as and dissolved water in lubrication and hydraulic fluids to less than 150ppm.

  • These systems provide liquid/solid and liquid/liquid separation. They are excellent for removing dirt, oil and other contaminates from coolant, stamping fluid, wash water and oil. Our professionals have years of experience with centrifuges and choosing the optimal machine for the application.

  • Our hydraulic oil and stamping fluid flushing skids offer high flow rates for flushing piping prone to biological contamination. These portable, self-contained units are highly versatile and can flush even the most demanding fluid systems with ease.

  • Designed to maintain the the working order and efficiency of systems via filtration of solids and contaminants, IFS' transfer skids & filter carts are able to be custom built to your specifications, for any job. Contact us for more information on what we can do.

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