Fluid, Oil Recycling Systems, Delivery Systems, Mixers for the Stamping Industry


Stamping plants are typically noisy, congested and fast paced. Metal parts going one way, scrap the other, coils or blanks on the move and fork lifts everywhere. This environment is hard on everything including people, equipment and the fluids required to stamp metal, wash parts and lubricate presses. Our goal is to help companies maximize performance on the plant floor by efficiently mixing and delivering fluids to the right equipment at the right time.

IFS works with you to define the current processes, determine areas that can be improved, and identify possible solutions. Once a solution has been identified, we will quote products and services required to make these improvements become a reality.

Automatically mixing and delivering fluids to the presses can create major cost savings. When executed properly, dies last longer, part quality is improved, and presses run at maximum efficiency. Time spent waiting for fluids to be mixed and a fork lift to deliver it to the press is eliminated.

In 2000, we designed and built our first mixing system to accurately mix a very difficult product to be sold as a premixed stamping fluid. Needless to say, accuracy, efficiency, and consistency were very important. After 6 months our customer was looking for a cost savings project and we recommended he purchase our mixer and mix on site. In 2006, we designed, built and installed a complete fluid management system that included mixing the fluid, delivering it to 14 presses and returning the fluid to a recycling system for recycling. Since then we have worked with over a dozen stamping plants in the Midwest to engineer, build and install:

  • Mixers
  • Fluid Delivery Systems
  • Central Recycling Systems for press fluids
  • Oil Purification Systems

We are a supplier of stamping fluids as well as corrosion inhibitors:

  • General Purpose Stamping Fluids
  • Automotive Approved Body in White Stamping Fluids
  • Automotive Approved Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Vanishing oils
Satisfied Customers
  • IDC Industries
  • Quaker-Houghton
  • Atlas Copco
  • DieTech Tool & Manufacturing
  • RCO Engineering
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Fisher Dynamics
  • L&W Engineering
  • Interstate Industrial
  • Talan Products
  • E&E Stamping
  • Hill Standard Works
  • Dana US Manufacturing
  • GM – Bay City
  • GM – Flint
  • GM – Parma
  • Chrysler – Warren
  • Tower Automotive
  • Milan
  • Dow Automotive
  • Bucks Mechanical
  • Ford Motor Company – Dearborn

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