Your partner in maximizing fluid performance...

At IFS we believe that the best way to approach a problem is with an open mind. When we approach companies to discuss their fluid performance we like to look at all the factors including the type and quality of the fluids being used, waste disposal methods and all associated costs to any problem. We know there are often multiple potential solutions and our goal is to help you identify the best one based on what you want to accomplish. IFS can provide high-quality industrial fluids filtration and purification systems.

Equipment & Services

Industrial Fluid Systems builds fluid treatment systems designed to mix, recover, recycle and purify industrial fluids and oil. Our equipment lines include extensive standard options to give customers ultimate flexibility in their system configuration. We have a history of working with customers to build systems based on their needs. Systems can be purchased, rented or leased.

Industrial Fluids

With more than 20 years of experience working with manufacturers, we understand the importance of using the right fluids. Industrial Fluid Systems is a distributor of Quaker Chemical and Mid-State Chemical metalworking fluids and cleaners because we believe they are among the highest quality fluids on the market. Our experienced sales engineers can help you find the right fluid for your application.

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